Honeywell TT8500

Hand Held Products introduces the revolutionary HHP TT8500. This state-of -the-art terminal offers unrivaled power, versatility, and value. POS payments, EBT, signature capture, and in-lane, targeted communications are enabled by the HHP TT8500´s fast processor and proven development environment. 

The TT8500 comes standard with features that are not available or cost extra with other terminals. Powered USB, 4MB flash, 16MB of RAM, and a 3-track magnetic stripe card reader are standard. Choose a color LCD, additional memory, USB host, and 10/100 Base T Ethernet factory options.



Physical Characteristics 

  1. Dimensions (W x D x H): 7.3″ x 7.56″ x 2″
  2. Weight: 2 lbs
  3. Minimum Print Contrast:
  4. Display: 4.45″ x 3.3″
  5. Interface Type: RS-232 Serial/Passthrough, RS-485, PC USB, IBM Retail USB, Ethernet
  6. Power: 700 mA @ 12 VDC

Performance Characteristics

  1. Processor: Intel 32 Bit Processor
  2. Memory: 16MB to 64MB SDRAM ; 4MB to 16MB Flash
  3. Development Tools: OPOS, JPOS, TTAdvantage88
  4. Display Resolution: 320 x 240
  5. Touch Pad Resolution: 903 x 1238 ppi

Signature Processing

  1. Compression: SIG – 5:1 (default), VBC – 4:1, NLC – 5:1, CMP – 10:1
  2. Average File Size: SIG – 1600 Bytes, VBC – 500 Bytes, NLC – 400 Bytes, CMP – 200 Bytes


  1. Hardware Features: Secure key injection, tamper response, dedicated security processor
  2. Firmware Authentication: File Authentication (SHA1 and RSA at 1024 bits)
  3. Encryption: PIN Encryption, Master/Session key, DUKPT, single and triple DES 64 and 128 bit keys


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