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Welcome to Global Emv  Solution

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Minimum requirements

  • Degree in Computer Science / equivalent.
  • 10 years’ experience in software/ systems design environment.
  • Sound knowledge of C++, Java, C, SQL, PHP,UML, database design.
  • OpenGL experience is essential.
  • Understanding of software revision control systems and code review techniques is required
  • Software architecture experience will be highly advantageous

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We accept the following payments:





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What Our Customers Say we have some awesome customers

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NOTHING ELSE TO SAY Is always a pleasure to purchase from you

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Happy costumers

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Return Customer

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PARTNERS after satisfaction

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online members for your assistance

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FAQS See What People Ask to Us

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GlobalEmvSolution products are provided with competitive warranty offerings appropriate to the type of product being purchased. This means that the length of the warranty offered will differ by product.
Generally speaking, most GlobalEmvSolution warranties are either one year or three years in length. However, the nature of the warranty provided within that period will also vary by product.
Your GlobalEmvSolution warranty begins from the date you purchased the product. In most cases, the serial number of your product will be sufficient to confirm your product entitlement to warranty cover.
However, you should always retain your product receipt in case there is any query over warranty cover. Your receipt should include the serial number of the product to which it applies.
When you receive your order depends on when you place your order, your choice of shipping, and what you order. Ready-to-ship items ordered by 10:00 pm Eastern time Monday through Friday ship the same day except for New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. All other orders for ready-to-ship items ship the next business day. Downloadable products are instantly received bay e-mail.
Because of a high Identity Theft & Credit Card Fraud For our Downloadable Products, GlobalEmvSolution has decided to accept only bitcoin WesterUnion/RIA/MonyGram/Cash and Credit Card Only to our office.
No identity proof will be asked For our Downloadable Products,For the rest of the Products identity proof will be asked ( id scanner high quality) For individuals costumers,For companies please provide us the information listed below :1-Name of Authorized Representative2-Email of Authorized Representative3-Phone Number of Authorized Representative4-Company information5-Company Identifier6-Europe: VAT No Or Company no.7-For Turkey: Tax Location, Tax no, example: VD, 83122698068-For Singapore: Company Registration Number &9-For Malaysia: Business Registration Number10-Registered Company Name11-Registered Company Address12-Street13-City14-Province/State/Country14-Zip/Postal Code15-Company Telephone Number.
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30-Day Guarantee: We want you to be totally satisfied with all our Product’s purchase Software included. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase of any of our products for any reason, simply contact us within 30 days of purchase to arrange for a refund. To return, contact us within 30 days of your purchase (include your name, order number, and reason for the return).
We will ship a replacement product to the address you provide one to three business days after receiving your defective product.
We accepte 3 payment method, WesterUnion/RIA/MonyGram,Bitcoin online is the fastest and most convenient way to pay Or you can pay in Cash to our office.
You can buy bitcoin localy from localbitcoins.com Or www.virwox.com
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Contact Us

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